or go to the nearest Metrobank branch and request for  a hard copy.
  • Fillup the form with your details.  Under the Customer Payee List Information, indicate the following information:
    1. Name of Billing Company – DRAGONPAY CORPORATION
    2. Servicing Branch – ROCKWELL
    3. Name of Enrolling Client – your name
    4. Depository Branch – your branch of account
    5. Billing Reference No. – please refer to the specific email instruction we sent you for this info
    6. Contact Person and Number – your contact details
    7. Billing Account No – the Metrobank account no where you want the auto debit to be performed
    8. Billing Account Name – the name of the Metrobank account to be auto debited
    9. Frequency – ON DEMAND
  • Prepare 2 copies of the ADA Enrollment form.  Leave one copy with your Metrobank branch of account and have the other copy signed/received by your branch officer.  Scan or take a photo image of the receiving copy and send to [email protected].  It can take 2 to 5 banking days for the enrollment to complete.